Why Every Pregnant Mum Needs to Join a VBAC Facebook Group

Congratulations! You’re expecting! Maybe it’s your first, maybe it’s your last, but there’s so much you can learn from joining a VBAC Support Group on Facebook.

Firstly, What does VBAC stand for? VBAC stands for “Vaginal Birth After C-Section,” and it is a term used for women with previous cesarean deliveries but want to birth vaginally with subsequent children. For some VBAC women, they’ve only had one previous c-section delivery and two or three other vaginal births. Other VBAC women may have had multiple cesarean deliveries and are looking to have their first, or another vaginal birth. These women sometimes identify as a variation of VBA2C (for 2 previous cesareans) or HBA3C (Home Birth After 3 C-Sections), and there are many more variations.

Secondly, Why Am I Supporting Joining a VBAC Group Especially if You’re a First Time Mum? I have never had a c-section, and I am not expecting another baby yet; however, I am in several VBAC groups on Facebook. Thankfully, VBAC support groups are open to birth workers and anyone who supports vaginal birth. The significance of VBAC mums are that they have EXPERIENCED c-sections, they have EXPERIENCED vaginal births, and they have EXPERIENCED the kind of treatment received by doctors and midwives, often pushing them to do a lot of research, take proper antenatal birthing classes such as Bradley classes, and stick to their guns.

If this is your FIRST pregnancy, I highly recommend joining a VBAC group. I remember how little I knew about birth when I was pregnant with my first. Even as I took Bradley Classes®, there was so much I didn’t know! VBAC groups are full of women who have gone through birth before, and the most unique knowledge these women have is having gone through c-sections, some of the have gone through labour, others have gone through elected c-sections whereas others have gone through emergency (and often traumatising) c-sections. They have all gone through c-section recoveries and have so much wisdom and knowledge to share as many of them are at it a second, third, fourth, or fifth time!

Almost all of these women have regrets. Some regret succumbing to inducing, some regret their c-section, and others regret blindly following their doctor’s advice. We can learn so much from their ‘mistakes’ the first time around. The most often complaint/regret I see in these groups is their lack of knowledge and lack of confidence. It takes so much SUPPORT, information, and education to feel confident in the natural workings of  your body.

Top Five Reasons that Every Mum Needs to Join a VBAC Group:

1. Get Wisdom From Women in All Walks of Motherhood. There’s a great diversity in a VBAC group. A unifying factor is that these women have all had previous c-sections. In a VBAC Support Group, topics like diet, breastfeeding, recovery from c-sections, problems with scars, having a baby whilst chasing a toddler, co-sleeping, baby-led weaning, baby-wearing, and more!

2. Learn from Their Regrets. This is the best way for a new mum to learn. When it comes to birth, you want to avoid mistakes since the stakes are much higher. After seeing how difficult it is for a VBAC to find supportive birth workers, I am even more determined to avoid getting a primary c-section (the very first c-section). So take advantage of the mistakes made by other women and learn!

3. Support, Support, Support! Motherhood is hard. For some, the entire pregnancy is miserable. Many women have long and exhausting labours as well as terrifying pain through birth. This is a great place for mothers to encourage each other, and all mums are welcomed into this community.

4. Find Reviews on Birth Workers and Birth Places. Attempting a vaginal birth after c-section is difficult. Finding supportive midwives, doctors, and other birth workers is hard! Birth workers who support VBACs tend to be more natural-birth minded. They also seem to be more personal and knowledgeable about current data and statistics. They also take first-time mums, so these VBAC-supportive midwives and doctors are the best of the best (being natural-birth minded AND experienced in c-sections)!

5. It’s FREE! Maybe you’ve already spent a lot of money on antenatal classes, baby clothes, baby books, breastfeeding equipment, and you’re done spending money on this new addition to the family. It doesn’t cost a thing to join a Facebook group, so what’s the harm? Go on now and check it out! I highly recommend VBAC Support Group – Vaginal Birth After C-Section

You want to do everything you can to best prepare for the new baby! If that’s you, then get plugged into a VBAC Support group! 

If you’re in the Southampton area, and are looking for antenatal classes that fully prepare you to have a calm birth, sign up for my classes before it’s too late!

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