Sign Up for the Upcoming Antenatal Class Series!

I just finished a fantastic series with three couples. One of them just gave birth on Friday and we were all able to reunite and hear their birth story (and their baby!!) last night. It was such a powerful and emotional birth story that fuels my love and passion for teaching these Bradley classes. So this reminds me, I have a new class series coming up in a few weeks! It’s not too late to sign up, wherever you are in the UK! Since I’m the only one in the UK teaching these classes, I am able to open up my classes to the entire UK to accommodate anyone who is interested in learning. My classes via Skype have been very successful and I hope you choose to join.

This upcoming class is good for couples due in late June, July or August 2017. Classes are Mondays at 7:30pm starting on 17 April.

Please share this with your friends. This birthing method is like no other. It is truly the most comprehensive course out there that will give your husbands, partners, and coaches the skills and confidence necessary to bring the mother through labour and birth with calmness. Don’t just wish for a good birth…Prepare for one!


Get more information now by filling out this contact form below!

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