I support women, their partners, and family during and after the labor and the birth of their baby. I draw on my knowledge and experience to provide physical, emotional, and informational support to women and their partners.  My doula services include:

Initial Consultation: The first meeting is a time for us to meet and decide if we work well together.

Prenatal Visit: It is important to meet before labor to explore and discuss your priorities and any fears or concerns, and to plan how we might best work together. During the prenatal meeting, we will review your preferences for labor and birth. I will ask about your knowledge of the birth process, your own personal ways of coping with pain, fatigue and difficult situations, what your expectations are of your partner and myself, plus the roles of anyone else who will be attending the birth. We can discuss any fears and concerns you have regarding labor and birth. My goal is to help you have a satisfying birth as you define it. The more we explore this in advance, the better I will be able to fulfil this role. All information you give to me I keep strictly confidential. It is not my place to–and I will not–judge or question your choices.

On Call: I am available by phone and email consultations immediately after signing the contract. I encourage you to contact me with questions, concerns and updates. Once you are two weeks from your due date, I will consider myself on call for you and I will have my mobile phone with me at all times.

Birth Support: I am here to support you the moment you feel I am needed during your labor.

After Birth: I generally remain with a client for about one hour after birth, until you are comfortable, and your family is ready for quiet time together. Again, each situation is different and my duties will vary depending on your needs.

Postpartum visit: My services include one postpartum visit (at your request), within the first week.  This visit lasts about 1-2 hours. During the visit, I can provide breastfeeding support, baby care tips, referrals to community resources, and a chance to discuss your birth experience.

Cost: £700 for one 1-hour prenatal meeting/interview, 24 hours of attended labor, up to 2 hours after-birth care, one 2-hour postpartum visit, as much phone contact as you need prenatally, during labor and postpartum, and lending library.

To sign up and for more information please contact me by email or phone.

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