bradley-sedilesMy name is Lillian. I moved to Southampton, UK from Maryland, USA in 2015 and have had three children using the Bradley Method®! I am a certified Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth educator. Becoming fully affiliated in the Bradley Method® is a two-year certification process that makes me fully equipped to help couples achieve calm, confident and empowering births through taking classes. I am very passionate about educating and empowering parents to make your birth yours!

The induction and cesarean section rates in both the US and UK are increasing while infant and mother mortality rates are still very high. Having a natural childbirth means trying to achieve birth as nature intended: drug-free and surgery-free! There are times we are very grateful for the ability to perform surgery to save both mother and baby; however, the focus of my education is to decrease the risk of c-section through knowledge and preparation for the marathon of labour and birth.

Teaching is a passion of mine as I taught Elementary, Middle, and High School Vocal Music for four years before I had my daughter at home using the Bradley method. It was a drug-free water birth with a midwife in the United States. I believe every couple deserves the right to make informed choices about the birth process, so I’m dedicating myself to helping women and couples everywhere become empowered through education.

The Bradley Method® prepared me physically (diet, exercise, labour and birthing positions), mentally (understanding the natural birthing process and the pros and cons of each proposed intervention), and spiritually (I felt relaxed knowing what to expect). It also prepared my husband through its extensive evidence-based education and coaching techniques. Because my husband was well-educated about birth and because we had practiced relaxation techniques at home, I was able to avoid a medicated births.lillian_birth-15

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“There is a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.”
~ Laura Stavoe Harm

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