Upcoming Childbirth Class Series

Do you want to increase your chance of having a natural birth? Of avoiding a cesarean section? Many people believe it’s impossible to prepare for birth, but The Bradley Method has proven them wrong! It’s all in the numbers. 78% of my students give birth completely naturally–that means no drugs during birth, not even gas and air! It’s not too late to sign up for the next Bradley Class series!

12 Classes on Mondays from 8-10pm for UK couples starting 16th March 2020.

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Sign Up for the Upcoming Antenatal Class Series!

I just finished a fantastic series with three couples. One of them just gave birth on Friday and we were all able to reunite and hear their birth story (and their baby!!) last night. It was such a powerful and emotional birth story that fuels my love and passion for teaching these Bradley classes. So this reminds me, I have a new class series coming up in a few weeks! It’s not too late to sign up, wherever you are in the UK! Since I’m the only one in the UK teaching these classes, I am able to open up my classes to the entire UK to accommodate anyone who is interested in learning. My classes via Skype have been very successful and I hope you choose to join.

This upcoming class is good for couples due in late June, July or August 2017. Classes are Mondays at 7:30pm starting on 17 April.

Please share this with your friends. This birthing method is like no other. It is truly the most comprehensive course out there that will give your husbands, partners, and coaches the skills and confidence necessary to bring the mother through labour and birth with calmness. Don’t just wish for a good birth…Prepare for one!


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Who starts labour? Mum, baby, or other?

Who Starts Labour?A recent study implies that the Baby is responsible for starting spontaneous labour! “Published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation and supported by the National Instituted of Health and a Prematurity Research Initiative grant from the March of Dimes, the study expanded on former research that had suggested signals from the fetus are actually responsible for the initiation of birth,” (Growingyourbaby.com reports). UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers have identified two proteins in a mouse fetus’ lungs that initiates labour. The proteins SRC-1 and SRC-2 activate genes inside baby’s lungs near full term, “resulting in an increased production of surfactant components, surfactant protein A (SP-A), and platelet-activating factor (PAF). Both SP-A and PAF are then secreted by the fetus’ lungs into the amniotic fluid, leading to an inflammatory response in the mother’s uterus that initiates labor,” (Sciencedaily reports). Continue reading

Bradley Method® Certification Process

I am thrilled to announce that after a two-year certification period, I am now fully affiliated as a Bradley Method® Natural Childbirth Educator!


My journey towards becoming an active birth educator began as a Bradley student while expecting my first child. My husband and I were eager students and very enthusiastic about having a natural and unmedicated childbirth. We were so eager that we even decided to forgo the hospital and have our baby at home by a  Certified Professional Midwife. The twelve weeks of classes were so informative and empowering, the labour was very short (five hours!) and the birth was amazing. I remember when the midwife helped lift my daughter up out of the water and onto my chest that my baby’s arms were up, outstretched for me, and I held her against my upper abdomen, for the umbilical cord was quite short, and was an awe that I had birthed this beautiful baby, in my own home, with my own strength, without drugs! Continue reading

Por qué la mayoría de las mujeres “no pueden” amamantar

Traducción al español del artículo ‘Why Most Women “Can’t” Breastfeed’
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Edición: Gisela HerreraBreastfeeding versus formula feeding-22 de junio de 2015- 8 de Octubre de 2015 | Lillian Sediles

Existe un fuerte debate con respecto a la alimentación de los bebés: leche materna versus leche de fórmula. Las madres nos sentimos juzgadas, elijamos lo que elijamos, y nos quedamos atrapadas en la Guerra de las Madres. Las madres que amamantan sienten que la sociedad se avergüenza de ellas por amamantar en público. Las madres que dan leche de fórmula se sienten atacadas por las lactivistas que las tildan de “vagas” o de hasta “envenenar” a sus bebés. Me gustaría echar un poco de luz sobre el tema de por qué tantas mujeres no pueden amamantar.
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Next Class Series Starts Tuesday 10th November at 7:30pm!


Sign up for classes now if you’re due in February 2016! My classes are about 2 hours long for 12 weeks (click here for course content). We cover everything from pregnancy diet, exercise to the stages of labour, pain management techniques, to hospital interventions and birth plans!! Taking this comprehensive birthing class with your partner will be the best thing you’ll do for you and your new family.

Why Breast is Best! 8 Reasons Breastfeeding is NOT Overhyped.

8I recently read an article by Fitness Reloaded titled “8 Reasons Why Breastfeeding is Overhyped.” This article makes mothers who have struggled and failed to breastfeed feel better about their struggle. It also brings up an important issue that mothers who failed to breastfeed often feel guilty, can enter into depression, and ashamed of their inability to breastfeed. In my experience, many mothers who struggled to breastfeed but failed, end up believing that breastmilk isn’t all that great anyway and justify their decision to give formula. Formula is life-saving in many situations,

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start claiming that “Breastmilk ISN’T the best” and that “Formula is JUST AS GOOD.”

These kinds of statements are false and passed around frequently to soothe mothers with the inability to breastfeed.

Here’s my rebuttal to Fitness Reloaded‘s article. The author’s logic is completely backwards, treating formula as the norm and breastfeeding as something that needs to prove its worth. Here’s your wake-up call: Formula is a NEW INVENTION, made within the last two centuries. The ingredients have been changing and improving, trying to properly mimic breast milk. With it seemingly always updating and changing, new FDA rules have been put into place. It is up to formula companies to prove that it is just as good as breast milk, since this is something they want to SELL to you. Even though formula is relatively new on the scene, especially in comparison with breastfeeding, the use of infant formula to replace breastfeeding is on the rise.

“The [FDA] agency said breastfeeding is strongly recommended for newborns but that 25 percent of infants start out using formula. By three months, two-thirds of infants rely on formula for all or part of their nutrition.” -Jalonick reports for the Huffingtonpost

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