Next Class Series Starts Tuesday 10th November at 7:30pm!


Sign up for classes now if you’re due in February 2016! My classes are about 2 hours long for 12 weeks (click here for course content). We cover everything from pregnancy diet, exercise to the stages of labour, pain management techniques, to hospital interventions and birth plans!! Taking this comprehensive birthing class with your partner will be the best thing you’ll do for you and your new family.

Upcoming Class Series–4th May, 2015!

Sign up for Bradley Method® Classes today by using this contact form or sending me an email at This may be the best thing you’ll ever do for you and your baby.


Why Bradley Classes?  bradley-icon

What’s the difference between Bradley Classes and HypnoBirthing?


Upcoming Series Starts 6th April, 2015

The Spring Series is about to begin! Sign up for classes today!

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Who: Expecting Couples in the end of their Second Trimester
What: 12 Weeks of The Bradley Method® Natural Childbirth Classes
Where: In my home in Hamble, Southampton
When: Mondays at 7:15PM starting on April 6th
Why: Nearly 90% of all Bradley® moms who give birth vaginally do so without pain medication. This gives your baby a head-start without suffering the effects of drugs during birth!